Teboho Sello


Teboho was born in Maseru in Lesotho. Beyond being a solid athlete, he is savvy businessman too and owns a construction company, as well as a Bed and Breakfast, both of which he was fortunate acquired with his marathon winnings. He runs both of these with his wife, Manthati Sello, who oversees the management of both when Teboho is training for big races.

He also coaches athletes who have also produced excellent results in big races like Old Mutual Two oceans and Soweto Marathon with the goal to assist them in achievening even more in the running space.

Teboho’s favourite 32Gi product and go to in any training and racing is the Hydrate Tabs. He swears by 32Gi Recover during training and post training, but his hero product is the 32Gi G-Shots which is used in every race – this is detrimental to his race nutrition plan.


10km 30:41

21km 1:04.08

42km 2:18.33


2006- 10th Commonwealth game

2007- 1st Soweto Marathon

2008- 3rd Joburg City marathon

2nd Soweto Marathon

2009- 1st City To City Marathon

2010- 3rd Two Oceans Marathon

2nd Soweto Marathon

2011- 6th Soweto Marathon

2012- 17th Comrades Marathon

9th Joburg City Marathon


2013- DNF Comrades Marathon

2014- 3rd Soweto Marathon

3rd High Altitude Marathon (Lesotho)

2015- 7th Two Oceans Marathon

5th Comrades Marathon

7th Soweto Marathon

2016- 10th Two Oceans Marathon

7th OR Tambo Marathon

11th Comrades Marathon

2017- 3rd Two Oceans Marathon

2018- 13th Two Oceans Marathon

7th Comrades Marathon